How to become an Instagram Creator in 2022? [14 Expert Tips]

Becoming an Instagram creator is super easy but you need to decide how much money you want to make out of it. There are people earning $10/month and there are people earning $1000/month as well. Which one would you choose, depends on you.

Influencer Marketing is a trending marketing strategy that almost every brand is leveraging today in this creator economy.  It is also going to hit $15 billion by 2022. This has opened the doors for influencers to generate good revenue for themselves.

Today, everyone wants to become a part of the creator economy and become an influencer. And there is nothing surprising in this because brands are also seeing the power of Instagram Creators.

So, if you have been searching for how to become an Instagram Creator, then congratulations. Your search has just been ended. Because in this article, you will learn how to become an Instagram Creator in a step-by-step way. 

how to become an instagram creator

1. Choose a Niche

The very first step to becoming an Instagram Creator or an influencer is to find out a niche. And I know that you heard it a billion times before. But the thing is, by having a niche you can specify your content to only a particular segment of the audience.

It’s always better to stay focused on a single topic instead of becoming a jack-of-all-trades. 

Having a niche also helps Instagram to understand better your page content and will promote it more. 

This way, you can serve better to your special audience rather than focusing on others. 

Here are some examples of pages having specific niches.

Online Business Niche

Self-Improvement Niche

Food Niche

Fashion Niche

Now, you might have a question— “How to find a niche if I don’t know my passion?

In this case, you should always ask some questions to yourself—

  1. What are the things I like the most?
  2. Which topic interests me more?
  3. What type of content I like to consume more?

These questions will make your mind clearer.

So, once you have decided what your niche would be, the next step is to create a business/creator account.

2. Choose Instagram Business/Creator Account

If you seriously want to become an Instagram Creator, you must have an Instagram Business or Creator account. By having a business/creator account, you will get more advantages because you would be able to see your analytics which is most important.

You would be able to see the Business/Creator option in Settings > Account > Switch Account Type > Switch to Business/Creator Account.

What is the difference between a Business and Creator Account?

how to become an instagram creator

Business Account

Instagram Business Account is basically for brands and businesses having specific options like Call-to-Action buttons to book an appointment, contact, or make reservations.

Creator Account

Instagram Creators are an important part of the Instagram ecosystem. Therefore, by keeping in mind Instagram has divided a separate category for creators to fulfill the needs of influencers.

If you want to become an Instagram creator, we would suggest you go for “Instagram Creator Account”, as this will provide much better exposure and other features.

3. Plan the content

Once you have decided on your niche, it’s time to plan your content. If you see on Instagram, people are creating content only around their niche. This strategy will provide you with a super-specific audience to target. And eventually, this will also increase the chances of people following you.

the cynosure girl - Instagram creator
fashioninflux - instagram creator
radhi devlukia - instagram creator

If you have no idea what should you post, then you can take inspiration from other pages as well. There would be always some pages on Instagram that are related to your niche. Just go on the explore page, type your niche and you’ll find hundreds of pages related to your industry.

Influencers like @thecynosuregirl, @radhidevelukia, and @fashioninflux always plan their video content very amazingly.

4. Optimize your bio

Next is optimizing your bio. You might be thinking — “what’s special in the bio?”

the cynosure girl - Instagram creator

But your bio is the first thing that a person sees whenever he/she visits. Your bio is your reflection on what you do and what people can get if they follow you. For this, you need to understand what exactly you want from your audience. 

Do you want to market your business?

Do you want to sell your products?

Or do you just want to become an influencer?

Ask these questions to yourself and then decide what to go in your bio. 

Instagram only allows 150 characters in bio, so choose your words wisely. There are some steps you can follow—

1. Mention your name

It’s optional to mention your name in your bio. But if you mention it, people would know you better by your name. 

2. Have a clear CTA

Call to Action or CTA helps in understanding what your goal is. By having a clear CTA, you are allowing people to understand you better. Ensure not to include more than two CTAs at a time.

3. Use emojis

Emojis are the best ways to show your emotions. Therefore, include them as much as possible. 

5. Create content

Now the most important step is — Creating Content. 

You might have heard many times— Content is the King! So, it is only the content that is everything, that will give a reason for people to follow you.

You have to design your content that gives value to others. 

instagram page

Tools to Create Instagram Posts

As the Instagram Creator Economy is increasing, there are lots of startups that have been introduced for these creators.

For post designing, you can use—

  1. Canva
  2. Crello
  3. Adobe Spark
  4. Desygner

Video Editing Tools for Reels

Just like posts, Instagram Reels is the new way to grow your page. For video editing, you can use—

  1. Inshot
  2. Filmora
  3. PowerDirector
  4. KineMaster
  5. VivaVideo

Maintain Consistency

We believe that Consistency is the only secret to success. In order to become successful in any field, you need to be consistent. 

And if you are on Instagram, it is mandatory to be consistent daily. A few years back, it was okay to post occasionally. But in 2022, Instagram has become a completely different game. For persistent growth, you have to show up on your stories daily at least.

You can choose a specific time to post daily. For us, it’s around 6-7 pm. 

It also depends at what time the engagement rate is the highest on your page.

How to be consistent on Instagram?

Ugh! Everyone knows that consistency is good but the main question is— “How to be consistent?”

Well, we can’t make you consistent, it’s only you can do it on your own. But we can give you some tips by people having more than 10k followers on Instagram.

Tips by The Cynosure Girl (14k Followers)

We have collaborated with Nancy Misra who is popularly known as “The Cynosure Girl” on Instagram. Here are her tips—

  • Create a basic template post
  • Use the same template post every time (this will also save your time)
  • See what is trending
  • Take inspiration from others for content ideas
  • Don’t think too much what to post, simply post whatever you like

6. Research for Hashtags

The next step is researching hashtags. The hashtag is an essential part of Instagram posts for getting a wider reach. That’s why research is a must.

There are some tools for hashtags that you can have a look at—

  1. Kicksta
  2. Hashtagify
  3. TagsFinder
  4. HashTagsForLikes

Using the right hashtags will help you to gain more followers quickly. Also, remember to use relevant hashtags every time you post. You can see what others are using in your field. 

But it is pointless to use the exactly same hashtags. Just pick any two or three hashtags from others to see what’s working and what’s not.

How many Hashtags should you use?

It’s a bit tricky question because there’s no fixed number of hashtags that you should be using to gain more followers. Instead, you have to try and test which one is working for you. However, Instagram doesn’t allow to use of more than 30 hashtags at a time.

Although, there has been some research, which says that you should use not more than 11 relevant hashtags at a time. Otherwise, you may confuse the Instagram algorithm.

7. Design Highlights

Highlights are what you see right above the post-column on your Instagram account. It is a group of stories that can be created as folder sections on your Instagram profiles.

Unlike Instagram Stories which usually disappear after 24 hours, Highlights remain forever unless you delete them.

Highlights also help in understanding your brand or to showcase yourself.

It has also a cover that you can select from your gallery to make it look more attractive.

Here are some examples.

8. Use Instagram Reels for Higher Reach

As you might be already aware of Instagram reels. It was launched in India in July 2020 and India was the fourth country where Reels was available, after Brazil, Germany, and France.

the cynosure girl

Last year, Instagram had skyrocketed its growth after TikTok was banned in India. During the pandemic in 2020, Reels has created a hype of “short-form videos”. After Instagram Reels, YouTube also launched its short video content known as “YouTube Shorts”.

Many influencers agreed that Instagram Reels helped them to gain followers by 70% more than usual growth. Some of the reels also went viral and gave a tremendous number of new followers to the Instagram Creators.

Here are a few tips to rock on reels—

  1. Have a Clear Goal — Make a goal what do you exactly want to do in the reel. Think about the content of the video with having proper goals.
  2. Always remove watermarks — Instagram has officially announced that it will remove all the videos having external app watermarks like TikTok or any other editing app logos. Make sure to make videos without any watermarks
  3. Follow the Trends — You will gain more followers when you follow the trends. Just explore what are the current trends on reels and create videos around that.
  4. Always Share Reels in your Feed— There is an option whenever you share reels to share in your feed as well.
  5. Share in your Stories — Whenever you post on reels, you can also share in your stories to get more views.

9. Use Instagram Stories

This is the step which you have to follow daily. Yes daily!

the cynosure girl

If you are unable to post daily, you must have to show up on Instagram Stories if you want better growth. Instagram Stories is the best way to stay engaged with your audience.

Not many people will go on your profile and like your posts. But Instagram Stories can be seen on their home page and you may also get higher engagement than your posts.

Apart from it, Instagram Stories are very easy to use. It only takes minutes to be created.

You can share these things in your stories —

  • Your daily routine
  • Behind the scenes 
  • Short Vlogs
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • New Updates
  • Life hacks

10. Go Live once or twice a week

Instagram Live is a very popular feature. You can go live with up to 4 people in one stream.

Instagram’s new “Live Rooms” lets up to four users go live in the same stream. It is doubling the number of participants that were allowed previously.

What to do in the live videos?

We have seen people sharing their tips or they simply talk and answer the queries of their followers. By going live once or twice a month is a great idea. In this way, you are connecting directly with your audience.

11. Engage with others accounts

If you have some free time, you can engage with other people’s accounts as well. This will increase your overall visibility. 

You can like, share or comment on others’ posts or videos. You can also ask others to like your posts if they like your content.

12. Collaborate with other Instagram Creators

We believe in ‘Collaboration’ more than ‘Competition’. In 2022, if you want to become successful, you must also believe in collaboration.

instagram live

This creates a win-win situation for both creators by gaining each other’s followers.

You can do these things in collaboration—

  • Guest Posting
  • Collaborate in Live Sessions
  • Collaborate in videos 
  • Exchange Shoutouts

13. Approach Brands for Collaboration

This is not only the last but also the ultimate step which will help you in making money from Instagram. And we are sure that you were waiting for this part.

Instagram hasn’t any direct monetization option just like YouTube and Facebook. But this will never limit you from earning from Instagram.

In the starting, we mentioned that there are some Instagram creators who are earning more than $1000/month with just brand collaboration.

You can also achieve the same if you approach the right brand that is interested in influencer marketing.

Today, every brand knows and understands the power of influencer marketing. So, if you approach the brands related to your niche, they will surely want to collaborate with you if your content and engagement are good.

You can either email or directly message them for collaboration.

14. Sell your own products on Instagram

Once you have a good profile and have a decent number of followers, you can sell your own products there. Many influencers are selling digital products like—

  • eBooks
  • Templates
  • Online courses
  • Coaching Programs
  • Social media services

Instagram also allows shoppable posts just like Kylie Jenner has on her page. But this feature is currently not available in India.

instagram shop - kylie jenner

So, the list of products to sell is huge! It all depends on your interest.


At last, if you want to become an Instagram creator, you need to follow the above-mentioned tips. Apart from it, you can also market your page on other social media platforms (if you have any pre-built audience).

We hope you enjoyed this post. Let us know your doubts (if any) in the comments below.

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