What is Buy Me A Coffee? How to Make Money from it?

Buy Me A Coffee! 

I’m not asking you to buy me a coffee, instead, I’m just trying to explain what “Buy Me A Coffee” is and how to make money from it.

If you are a creator or influencer, then this article is a “one-stop” guide to know everything about “Buy Me A Coffee”. In this article, we will learn what Buy Me A Coffee actually is and how to make money out of it. 

As you already know how the creator economy is booming these days. Every other person wants to become an Instagram Influencer, YouTuber, or Blogger. 

But, can everyone make money by being a creator?

Yes! Now, your question would be — How?

So, the answer is — Buy Me A Coffee!

Creator Economy is on the rise, so are the startups as well. Many startups based around the creator economy have gained millions of users within a couple of years. 

Buy Me A Coffee is one of them. Many creators like influencers and YouTubers are already making money from it.

What is Buy Me A Coffee?

It is a creative platform where creators can earn donations or payments from their fans (not followers) in exchange for some extras.

Instead of dollars, the site currency is “coffees”. Creators have the opportunity to set how much money ($/€) one coffee is worth. Then the visitors can choose how many “coffees” they want to donate, which will add up to a total $/€ amount. (Ex: 1 coffee = $3, 2 coffees = $6) Screenshots below.

what is buy me a coffee

There are some other features also available like you can see your favorite content creator posts. Apart from this, there is a membership option as well which you can join for $5/month or $15/month. 

Buy Me A Coffee could be very profitable if you are a small creator. You don’t need to have millions of followers to start making money. Just a couple of thousand followers would be enough who are willing to pay you for some extra piece of advice or content.

Here’s an example of Kevin Wilson. He is a “Chai (Tea) Lover” and he used to talk about different varieties of teas and earns whenever he want to share something with his subscribers.

what is buy me a coffee - kevin wilson

Business Model of Buy Me A Coffee

You may have heard of Patreon, so it is based on a similar concept of taking a commission on each transaction. Buy Me A Coffee takes 5% every time people purchase something in which creators can keep 95% of all earnings.

It has been a profitable business model because they will make money simultaneously with the creators. It is completely free to use, they only earn when visitors pay.

You can also call it a “marketplace for creators” where creators can earn money from their followers.

How to set up an account in Buy Me A Coffee?

It is super easy to set up an account in Buy Me A Coffee. When it comes to the ease of setting up the account, it just nailed it. So, I’ll tell you how to set up an account in just 3 simple steps.

Step 1. Sign Up with your email address or Google, Facebook, or Twitter.

Step 2. Choose a Suffix to be added to your page URL. It will give you an identity for your page which will be unique.

Step 3. Connect a Payment Platform. The next step is choosing the payment platform of your choice and connecting it with your account.

How to Make Money with Buy Me A Coffee? 

After setting up your account, the next and most crucial step is to make money with Buy Me A Coffee. 

The first step is to tell your audience about your platform because if you don’t tell them how would they come to know? So, tell your audience about your platform, you can either create a video on it or create a post on Instagram and drive traffic by putting the link in your bio.

The platform accepts Credit Cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay as well as UPI in India. It allows people or visitors to see and enjoy your content first before any payment. Otherwise, no one would pay you right away at a first glance. That’s why the platform is free for users who want to see the content before the payment.

Options available to Making Money

There are various options available to make money with Buy Me A Coffee—

  • Memberships
  • Donations
  • Extras


If you have a pre-built audience on Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter, the chances are very high that people would also buy services from you. You can share exclusive content or just give them away to support your work on an ongoing basis.

These all come under membership. 


It allows your fans can to make the payment (buy you a coffee) and leave a message. They don’t even have to create an account! So, it’s pretty simple and easy to get donations from your fans.


This is a brand new feature where you can make 1:1 Zoom calls, art commissions, or an ebook. All these features come under this. Although this is a new feature on this platform, it is still in the testing phase, but you can always try it.

Who are the Creators on Buy Me A Coffee?

Now, the real question is who are the people or creators earning on Buy Me A Coffee? So, I will give you the straight answer, let’s go.

1. Alberto Alvarez – The Macro Wizard

Alberto Alvarez is a Spanish creator creating content on mindset, nutrition, and fitness stuff. His membership provides different accesses like-

  • Exclusive access to audio, video and other unpublished material.
  • Get access to group and / or private meetings when in your city.
  • Get special prices for products already launched, raffles for signed copies, etc.

and many more like this.

Alberto Alvarez - The Macro Wizard

2. Chateau Life

Chateau Life is a lifestyle creator and creates YouTube videos. In return, she gets support from her lovely audience with donations.

3. The Moon Tarot 

The Moon Tarot is owned by Grace Selene and she is the author of a popular micro-newsletter known as Today’s Energy Reading, where she provides a free tarot reading daily and channel guidance for the collective.

The Moon Tarot 


There is no limit to how much you can make from any creator platform. It all depends on your hard work and fan following. Try to improve your engagement rates on social media platforms like Instagram or YouTube.

Once you get your first 1000 fans, it would be enough for you to make a living. If you need any help you can follow our other blog My Business Route which is hyper-focused on creating online businesses, especially for creators.

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