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What is Facebook Metaverse? Why is Facebook changing its name?

If you are into the digital world, you definitely heard somewhere this buzzword “Metaverse”. Facebook recently announced that it is going to change the way we connect with people. More searches have increased on the internet for the term “Meta”. So, let’s look at a deeper level what Facebook is planning.

The term metaverse comprises two words “meta” means beyond or transcending and “verse” is related to the universe. The metaverse comprises the 3D world where you can interact with others virtually which seems to be real. You can teleport yourself from one place to another, talk to anyone by being in the virtual world. Metaverse has been a buzzword for a long but now it’s actually taking its heights in the real world via Facebook.

If you are into gaming, you probably know what metaverse is. Because you can relate metaverse somewhat with gaming.

Mark Zuckerberg has recently come up with a new idea to interact with your friends. He has also given a keynote which you can watch from here.

Zuckerberg is on the way to building something that is beyond imagination. A virtual reality where you can not only feel your presence but also socialize, learn, collaborate, watch movies, attend concerts and play with your friends. He also mentioned that the company’s future will be on building virtual reality products that will connect users.

Recently, he changed his company name Facebook to “Meta”. Zuckerberg mentioned that the Metaverse is “the next generation of the internet”. He said, “instead of being an internet that we look at, right, on our mobile phones or on our computer screens, it’s an internet that we are a part of, or that we can be inside of.” 

Where does this Metaverse come from?

Some people believe that some science fiction movies are the pioneers of the metaverse. If you have watched Hollywood movies, you probably came across much virtual reality (VR) scenes.

The first-ever movie of Hollywood which gave an idea of Metaverse was Neal Stephenson’s 1992 sci-fi Snow Crash, which also coined this term.

So, Facebook is on the way to building something which relates to that movie.

Some other “Metaverse” movies which you should watch are —

  • Iron Man
  • Avatar
  • Tron
  • The Matrix
  • Lucy
  • Strange Days

Features of Facebook’s Metaverse

On Thursday, 28th October 2021 Mark announced what Facebook’s future is going to be. He included some of the features which you may come across later—

1. Feeling of the Presence

The foremost priority of the metaverse is the feeling of presence. Imagine, whenever you see any video on your mobile phone, you only see it, you can’t feel the presence inside of it.

With the Facebook Metaverse, you would be able to feel the presence of yourself like you are being present while you are watching the video.

2. Avatars

This is how you can represent yourself inside the virtual reality or metaverse. You can relate it with the profile images on social media but that is all basically static. With Avatars, your profile will be living or 3D representations of you. Your gestures, expressions, your body language will be unique as it represents you.

facebook metaverse - avatar
  • You can choose an Avatar for work
  • A jolly avatar for gaming

You can have a whole wardrobe of digital clothes of your choice.

3. Home Space

You would be able to design your home space according to your choice. You can play games, hang out with your friends, or call for a virtual party.

Your home space will completely look like a real home space where you can do anything in the Facebook metaverse.

4. Teleporting

In the world of the metaverse, you would be able to teleport which was again a “sci-fi” thing a few years before. In the virtual world, you can teleport yourself from one place to another. Mark Zuckerberg said,” Teleporting is going to be like— clicking a link on the internet. Just like you click a link and you reach to another website, teleporting is also going to be somewhat like that”.

5. Privacy & Safety

This would be the first priority for Zuckerberg. In Facebook Metaverse, it will be your choice to be with other people or not. It’s your choice whether you want a person to enter into your metaverse or if you want to block someone.

You can also bring items from the real world to your metaverse whether they are photographs, videos, games, etc.

Facebook Horizon

Horizon is a social platform that is being created by Zuckerberg to interact with people in the metaverse. 

1. Horizon Homes

It is going to be a virtual room where you can invite people to join you. You would be able to hang out, watch movies together.

2. Horizon Worlds

It would be a world created by you where you can do parties together, create games together, and more.

horizon worlds
Image Courtesy – UploadVR

3. Horizon Workrooms

It is basically going to be workplace to work together for better communications.

horizon workrooms
Image Courtesy – Tech Advisor

4. Horizon Marketplace

It will be a place where creators can buy and sell 3D digital items.

Capabilities of Metaverse

Metaverse will give you an opportunity to live a virtual life or experience real-world activities in virtual form. 

Here are some activities which you can do with Metaverse—

  • Social Interaction
  • Gaming
  • Entertainment
  • Shopping
  • Partying

These are among all the activities which show the future of social media platforms.

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Present Metaverse

If you want to experience the metaverse, there are already some platforms that can provide you a glimpse of the digital future. These games will give you an idea about how the future upcoming metaverse will look like.



This game allows you to access a metaverse where you can create your own avatar. You need to sign up and create your profile before designing your avatar. You can also purchase items like costumes, weapons, and accessories.

Fortnite has created a fun virtual world where you can play with others. In this game, players collaborate to survive in an open-world environment, by battling other characters who are controlled either by the game itself or by other players.

Beat Saber

beat saber

It is again a virtual reality game developed by Czech games developer Beat Games. It has a neon environment including music beats with up to five levels of difficulty, starting from Easy all the way to Expert+.

The Sandbox

the sandbox - Facebook metaverse

This game gives the player a great level of creativity to complete tasks towards a goal within the game if such a goal exists. Sometimes, games exist as pure sandbox games with no objectives.


sinespace - facebook metaverse

It is a 3D platform that is free to play a multiplayer online game. It enables people to create and sell 3D content on its own platform.

How will Metaverse Impact the Creator Economy?

As per Mark Zuckerberg, metaverse could be a game-changer in the creator economy. He said,  “Together, we can finally put people at the center of our technology. And together, we can unlock a massively bigger creator economy.” So, from this, it is clear that there would be a more number of creators in the coming future.

According to the Keynote of Zuckerberg, he wants to create a whole universe where people can interact with others and buy or sell digital artworks, NFTs, etc. Therefore, there would be a whole bunch of creators who will increase this demand for the metaverse. 

Just like the creators have grown YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, the same way metaverse will grow. In the metaverse, everyone will be the creator and a part of the creator economy. And this would be very exciting to see what can be done in this whole new Metaverse.

Metaverse Impact on Digital Marketing

Just like marketers shifted their marketing strategy being from offline to online to mobile marketing. They will also have to shift their focus towards metaverse.

As new technologies are shaping up, virtual reality and metaverse will play a huge role in marketing strategies.

In a nutshell: Brands need to be a constant changer with their marketing strategies and will need to embrace new technologies at a faster pace.

Just like marketers make efforts to get found on social media,  it’s time to get found on the Facebook meta.


As we see, how AI is changing every single day, there is a lot more to see in this world. Facebook Metaverse can be a great start towards a new virtual world especially for those who are more interested in the digital world.

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